Our Story: A Journey of Transformation and Ingenuity

In 2013, CMI, then a printing company, was approached by the president of PDQ restaurants with a unique packaging dilemma: they needed custom-sized boxes for their chicken tenders, a need unmet by his food service provider and impractical for manufacturers due to high minimum orders. Seizing this opportunity, CMI stepped in to bridge the gap, offering tailored manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and supply chain insights. This pivotal moment marked CMI's transformation from a printing specialist to a full-service packaging provider.

Today, CMI stands as a leader in packaging solutions, catering to national brands like Chili's, Tropical Smoothie, and Chipotle. Our journey from a simple printing company to a multifaceted packaging expert reflects our commitment to innovative, customized solutions for our clients.

Our Experts

Meet our dynamic team of over 50 professionals at CMI, the minds crafting the magic behind our innovative packaging solutions. Connect with our dedicated experts who are redefining and rethinking your packaging needs.

  • Passionate about family, health and offshore fishing.

    Andrew Jordan

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Andrew is an amateur MMA fighter and a proud owner of a 6lb Yorkie.

    Andrew Abrams

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Will never say no to a round of golf.

    Dominic Springer

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Connoisseur of fine foods, especially slow-cooked meats.

    BJ Lawson

    Chief Information Officer

  • Stutti is very competitive, spontaneous and a former tennis pro.

    Stutti Smit-Johnson

    Director of Data Analytics

  • Stephanie is a body paint artist and mom to 4 girls.

    Stephanie Licari

    Director of Procurement & Technical Services

  • Frank is 6’6” and drives a Mini Cooper.

    Frank Casaine

    Director of Distribution Operations

  • Nicole is the mom of the office dog, George and enjoys scuba diving.

    Nicole Jordan

    Business Development & Marketing Manager

  • Travis couldn’t survive without cheese.

    Travis Deisering

    Corporate Accounts Manager

  • Zacks enjoys surfing and racing cars.

    Zack Jordan

    Business Development Officer

  • Outside of work, Joe enjoys climbing and outdoor running.

    Joe Kerner

    Supply Chain Manager

  • Bryce was on the front lines of food packaging, managing restaurants for 4 years.

    Bryce Moore

    Operations Manager

  • Ryan hosts a Karaoke event on the weekends.

    Ryan Hoebbel

    Packaging Manager

  • With over 25+ years with CMI, Jake is still excited to see new designs we can come up with!

    Jake Anderson

    Supply Chain Coordinator

Our History

Established in 1998, CMI initially emerged as a vanguard in the print industry, mastering the art of printing catalogs, inserts, and direct mail for over ten years. As time unfolded, our expertise evolved, with our focus shifting predominantly to packaging. The transition was seamless, akin to our earlier proficiency in crafting catalog covers, but this time on folding box board. Embracing sustainability, we soon expanded into creating recyclable and compostable products, utilizing a diverse range of materials such as plastic, sugarcane, metal, and foam. This journey mirrors our commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship, positioning CMI at the forefront of sustainable packaging solutions for a greener future.

Our Mission

At CMI, we’re more than traditional packaging. We’re strategic allies who empower businesses with intelligent, custom packaging solutions.
Our hands on approach blends data-driven insights with client-centric design, transforming complexities into opportunities.

By your side, we navigate the world of packaging, logistics, and inventory management, elevating your business to new heights.

We are CMI – custom made inventory.

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To achieve success and honor our belief in People, we are guided by Five Core Values:


 “The relentless pursuit of perfection.” It is the never-ending strive for greatness. It is the consistent question we must ask ourselves – “Is this the best we can do?”


The elimination of friction points for all our People, while we embrace the motto “do more with less.”

Spirit (+ a little weirdness)

The intersection of passion, creativity, and originality. Bringing your best self and energy to others, having a sense of humor, and being able to laugh at ourselves while celebrating together.


To continue to evolve and drive change, especially when facing the fear of uncertainty or failure. It is living our Values without compromise.


The value that underlines all values and is the determination to overcome any adversity. The drive to take action. To do what you must do, when you must do it, when no one is watching. The iron quality of character.

The Team

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