Project Overview /

CMI tackled high prices, low inventory, expensive distribution, and the complexity of managing numerous items and suppliers for Charleys. Our focus was on reducing costs, optimizing inventory, and streamlining procurement by consolidating suppliers and items.

Outcome /

  • Removed central warehouse redistribution.
  • Condensed 31 unique items into a more streamlined set of 20 efficient items.
  • Strengthened the supply chain by implementing equipment investments and increasing on-hand inventory.
  • Yielded multi-million dollar savings in material and distribution expenses.
  • Capacity Rescue

    Transported clamshell forming equipment to address an urgent capacity shortage from an alternative supplier.


    Aided in the shift from central distribution by consolidating items on trucks and facilitating direct deliveries to 42 OPCOs, leading to significant cost savings in distribution fees, amounting to millions of dollars.

    Efficiency Overhaul

    Revamped products to enhance both manufacturing and store-level efficiency.

    We started working with CMI during the pandemic, when another supplier was unable to provide us with our contracted items. They stepped up and helped us get through some difficult times. When the market started to even out we worked with them on our entire disposables category to find millions in savings. They have been a great partner through one of the most tumultuous times we have ever experienced.

    Ian Snyder, Senior Supply Chain Manager for Charleys Philly Steaks | Bibibop | Lennys Grill and Subs