Project Overview /

The project aimed to ensure uniform marketing messaging across various substrates while maintaining food temperature and moisture content during delivery. Despite the request to minimize cost, the project was successfully completed, resulting in cost savings.

Outcome /

  • Elevated Functionality
  • Strengthened Supply Security
  • Enhanced Brand Messaging
  • Attained Corporate Cost Savings Initiative
  • Smart Design

    This bag was designed like a set of legos. It fits in the to-go pick up cubby holes, and all products fit inside, including the cup carrier.

    Increased Efficiency

    We switched to a multi-color, higher heat retention box, replacing a 1 color chipboard, cost neutral and adding a 1 handed closure.

    Cost & Time Savings

    The auto-bottom catering box style cut down on labor costs, reducing the set up time from 30 seconds to 2. The ink on the inside is food-contact safe.

    CMI has quickly become a strategic business partner to Tropical Smoothie Cafe. They understand our unique business needs and deliver unparalleled customer service to meet those needs. We’ve quickly learned they are a ‘yes’ supplier that can make the impossible, possible.

    Kristi Kingery, SVP Supply Chain, Tropical Smoothie Cafe