Project Overview /

To provide consistent marketing messaging on multiple substrates that holds food temp & moisture content through delivery. The ask was to do this project at minimal cost increase, however, this was completed at a savings.

Outcome /

  • Increased the Functionality
  • Improved Supply Security
  • Enhanced Brand Messaging
  • Achieved Cost Savings
  • Smart Design

    This bag was designed like a set of legos. It fits in the to-go pick up cubby holes, and all products fit inside, including the cup carrier.

    Increased Efficiency

    We switched to a multi-color, higher heat retention box, replacing a 1 color chipboard, cost neutral and adding a 1 handed closure.

    Cost & Time Savings

    The auto-bottom catering box style cut down on labor costs, reducing the set up time from 30 seconds to 2. The ink on the inside is food-contact safe.

    CMI has quickly become a strategic business partner to Tropical Smoothie Cafe. They understand our unique business needs and deliver unparalleled customer service to meet those needs. We’ve quickly learned they are a ‘yes’ supplier that can make the impossible, possible.

    Kristi Kingery, SVP Supply Chain, Tropical Smoothie Cafe