CMI Secures Three-Year Contract with Gosh for a Comprehensive Range of 36 Disposable Packaging Items

St. Petersburg, FL – [March 15, 2024] – Custom Made Inventory (CMI), a leading innovator in the packaging industry, is thrilled to announce the expansion of their relationship with Gosh Enterprises, the parent company of well-established brands including Charleys Cheesesteaks & Wings, Lenny’s Grill and Subs, and Bibibop Asian Grill with a new three-year contract. Gosh, a renowned entity committed to sustainability and quality in the food and beverage sector, has entrusted CMI with a diverse selection of 36 packaging items.

The strategic partnership between CMI and Gosh is set to encompass a comprehensive range of packaging solutions, combining custom-designed items that align with the unique branding of Charleys Cheesesteaks & Wings, Lenny’s Grill and Subs, and Bibibop Asian Grill, along with high-quality generic options. This collaboration highlights CMI’s commitment to tailoring packaging solutions to the distinct needs of its clients while upholding standards of sustainability, innovation, and cost-effectiveness.

“CMI is honored to continue in this significant partnership with Gosh, a distinguished restaurant company overseeing beloved brands,” said Andrew Jordan, CEO of CMI. “Our collaboration underscores CMI’s ability to provide a diverse and customizable range of disposable packaging items that not only meet the high standards of Gosh but also reflect our dedication to innovation and sustainability.”

As part of the agreement, CMI will leverage its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and cutting-edge technology to produce high-quality, sustainable packaging solutions. The collaboration aims to contribute to Gosh’s ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility, aligning with CMI’s dedication to reducing the ecological footprint associated with disposable packaging.

“We started working with CMI during the pandemic, when another supplier was unable to provide us with our contracted items. They stepped up and helped us get through some difficult times.” said Ian Snyder from Gosh “When the market started to even out, we worked with them on our entire disposables category to find millions in savings. They have been a great partner through one of the most tumultuous times we have ever experienced.”


About CMI:

CMI – more than traditional packaging. Delivering cost-efficient and supply chain secure solutions across all substrates.

In 2013, CMI, then a printing company, was approached by the president of PDQ restaurants with a unique packaging dilemma: they needed custom-sized boxes for their chicken tenders, a need unmet by his food service provider and impractical for manufacturers due to high minimum orders. Seizing this opportunity, CMI stepped in to bridge the gap, offering tailored manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and supply chain insights. This pivotal moment marked CMI’s transformation from a printing specialist to a full-service packaging provider.

Today, CMI stands as a leader in packaging solutions, catering to small, medium and national brands. CMI’s journey from a simple printing company to a multifaceted packaging expert reflects its commitment to innovative, customized solutions for its clients.